Docere Center for Natural Medicine offers comprehensive, individualized primary care for the whole family including pediatrics. We also offer tongue and lip tie evaluations with frenotomy services, lactation and feeding consultation as well as specialty services in fertility and sexual/reproductive health for women and men.

Our practitioners include our team of naturopathic physicians and lactation consultants: Dr. Chenelle Roberts, Dr. Sarah Parsons, Dr. James Drake, Marissa Fitzpatrick, RN and Tessa Vogel, IBCLC. With the unique blend of training, Docere Center is able to offer a broad spectrum of medical services, with a rare specialty in naturopathic family medicine with full infant feeding support. We also specialize in sexual and reproductive healthcare for men and women.

Our specialties are naturopathic family medicine, pediatrics, lactation/feeding care and sexual & reproductive health. Most major health insurance companies cover naturopathic medical care (primary care and adjunctive care), tongue tie evaluation/frenotomy, lactation/feeding services and specialty services at Docere Center. See our insurance page for more details about insurance coverage.