Family Medicine

Providers: Dr. Chenelle Roberts, Dr. Sarah Parsons

Dr. Chenelle Roberts and Dr. Sarah Parsons provide adult primary care and family medicine services. These services include annual preventative care as well as care for acute and more on-going chronic concerns for adults, children and infants. They are trained in conventional diagnostics and treatment for common medical conditions; and are also able to utilize extensive training in nutrition, botanical and physical medicine to cater a personalized treatment plan that uses the least force intervention while appropriately matching the severity of the concern with the treatment recommended.

Our naturopathic family medicine can provide basic primary care as well as specialized care, working in conjunction with your other providers. Your first visit will include a review of your medical, social and family history, diet, supplements and prescriptions, a physical examination, and laboratory blood work as indicated.  Any previous lab work and pertinent medical history from other providers will be requested.  A follow-up visit will be scheduled to review your labs and medical records and make further specific recommendations. Your physician may make recommendations for changes to your diet; request additional lab work; prescribe vitamins, minerals, herbs, or pharmaceuticals; and/or make a referral based on this information.

Our Naturopathic Model of Care is guided by both education and treatment of the whole person. True mind-body medicine, that does not see one as isolated from the other. This unique approach examines the person as a whole with the integration of how certain factors can affect well-being. Some of these factors may include preventative measures, diet and lifestyle, stress, mental health, and promotion of general wellness.