We accept many health insurance companies for naturopathic, pediatric, lactation, tongue tie/frenotomy and acupuncture services. At this time, the only Applecare (medicaid) plan that we accept is Molina. Please check with your insurance carrier prior to your visit to understand your benefits and to ensure that an office visit with a naturopathic physician is covered.

If you have questions about insurance coverage, or would like to discuss self-pay including payment plan options, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you!


A note for those of you shopping the Exchange:

The open enrollment period for acquiring insurance through the Exchange ends December 15th!

Though you will see that we are in network with Molina, we encourage Docere families seeking insurance through the Exchange to consider an alternative plan instead if you have adults in our primary care. Molina coverage is problematic for adult patients, due to issues with non-coverage of a number of procedures, as well as reimbursements that are substantially below market rates. This year, the selection is very limited, and the only other Exchange insurer that covers visits with your Docere provider is Premera Blue Cross. Premera’s “Personal Care” plans offered through the Exchange require staying within a designated provider network, and you will note that we are not part of any of their provider networks.  This means you will not be able to designate your Docere provider as your PCP, however, office visits with a naturopathic physician are still covered under these plans with no referral necessary.

As always, we continue to accept Molina insurance for pediatric patients, new and established.