Seattle Equitable Covid Vaccine Access


We have actively provided Covid vaccinations to adults and children as they become available through our clinic via Vaccine Events open to the whole community, regardless of insurance coverage. We have successfully provided well over 1500 Covid vaccinations last Fall alone.

We have found that those that are not receiving vaccinations often do not have equitable access. This is especially true within the pediatric 5-11 population. Recently we partnered with SPS local schools, Whittier Elementary and Northgate Elementary to provide in-person school day vaccinations (with parental signed consents). Our first event was amazingly successful – we administered 189 pediatric Covid boosters and 4 staff member Covid boosters during the school day. We plan to follow suit with our next event at Northgate Elementary.

Funding is limited, as these are public health service events are provided at no-cost without any reimbursement from schools or insurance plans. Previously there was federal funding available to reimburse clinics and providers for their administrative costs, however these programs are no longer being funded. Our clinic is accepting private donations to continue to pursue these community efforts to cover their administrative costs. We hope to provide more Seattle community vaccination events at local schools, preschools and other public events.

Donated funding would go specifically to:

-Hourly pay or stipend to vaccinating provider/s at event
-Hourly pay or stipend to administrative staff at event (processing forms, Covid cards & entering into State vaccination system)
-Specialized safety needles (Vanishpoint)
-Sharps containers for needle disposable
-Office supplies for printing materials (consent forms, toner, pens)
-Shot blockers (tool to help vaccination pain/fear in children)
-Fun band-aids for children
-Stickers and small “treasures” for kids post-vaccine
-Stipend to clinic for administrative set-up and scheduling/coordination of event
-Covered tent for outside vaccination events

**Note Covid vaccinations are provided at no-cost to us (federally subsidized) along with supplies such as needles (not always the Vanishpoint which are key to quick, safe vaccination in children), alcohol wipes, gloves and masks. The separately listed supplies above are not supplies that are provided and are at cost to the the clinic sponsoring the event.