In addition to naturopathic medical services, pediatric acupuncture, lactation consultant visits, tongue tie evaluations/frenotomies, and fertility care are available at Docere Center.  Pediatric naturopathic services are offered by Dr. Chenelle Roberts, Dr. Krystal Plonski, and Dr. Taylor Summers.  Women’s healthcare, fertility, and family naturopathic care are offerred by both Dr. Roberts and Dr. Summers. Tongue tie evaluation services are offered by Chenelle Roberts. Pediatric acupuncture services are offered by Dr. Krystal. Lactation consultant visits are offered by Renee Beebe, ICBLC.

Health Care Services Include:

Our specialty is naturopathic family medicine. Most major health insurance companies cover naturopathic medical care, midwifery and pediatric acupuncture at Docere Center.  See our insurance page for specifics on insurance coverage.