Lactation/Feeding Support

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are still scheduling and seeing infants and breast/chest feeding parents for lactation and feeding consultations. We are NOT seeing any fevers, coughs, runny noses or otherwise flu-like symptoms so that we CAN continue to offer this service to our community at-need. We are practicing very strict standards of sanitization, distancing and use of personal protection equipment.

Renee Beebe, IBCLC and Tessa Vogel, IBCLC


Lactation/Feeding In-office Consultation

At Docere Center for Natural Medicine we offer feeding support including lactation consultation and/or bottle feeding consultation with an IBCLC.

Common reasons to see a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) include:

  • Pain with breastfeeding
  • Milk supply concerns (low milk supply or oversupply)
  • Concerns about infant’s weight gain
  • Latch difficulties
  • Suspected tongue tie or lip tie
  • Bottle-feeding support (pumped milk or formula)
  • Feeding plan for combined breastfeeding and bottle-feeding
  • Post tongue tie or lip tie procedure (frenotomy)
  • Recurrent plugged ducts or mastitis
  • Breast pump education and fitting
  • Supplemental feeding device support

Our IBCLCs goal is to help support parents in their feeding plan whether that include breastfeeding, chest-feeding, adoptive parent feeding, supplemental feeding and/or bottle-feeding with breast milk or formula.

Benefits of scheduling at Docere Center:

  • One-to-one, personal and in-depth evaluation with a lactation consultant
  • Payment for the visit at time of service is not required under many insurance plans and insurance is billed on your behalf
  • All visits are overseen by a physician. The physician is available for on-site consultation if additional evaluation and management are required.

To schedule a lactation or feeding visit for mom and baby, a referral is required unless care is already established at Docere Center. If breastfeeding or pumping and providing breast milk for baby, mom and baby are both evaluated and offered treatment recommendations necessitating a referral for both. If baby is exclusively bottle-feeding with donor milk or formula, then only baby would be scheduled with referral required for baby only. If the mom will be seen for a prenatal lactation consultation or a breast pump consultation, the referral is for mom only.

To schedule, please call our office and for your convenience we will forward a referral form to your provider or fax a copy of this form to your provider and we will call you to schedule when we receive it.

Lactation Referral Form

Please bring the following to each lactation/feeding support visit:

  • Breastfeeding parent and baby!
  • A clean breast pump and all pump parts, if pumping is a part of your routine, so that we can check its fit
  • Expressed breast milk and/or formula, and preferred device for feeding baby, if you are using either of these to supplement
  • Nipple shields, if you use them. Please bring all sizes you have, as sometimes mothers are given/using the wrong size
  • Plan ahead to feed your baby 30 minutes after scheduled appointment time. For instance, if appointment is at 1:30pm, baby should be ready to eat about 2:00pm. We know this is not always easy, but do your best!
  • Milk-filled breasts: Please do not breastfeed or pump immediately before visit. Last pump should be 2-2.5 hours before the appointment. We want to observe a feeding under normal conditions, and need to assess milk supply and milk intake
  • A (recent) weight history from health care provider for your baby and medications/supplements that you or baby may be taking
  • We welcome partners, grandparents, siblings, or helpers – as long as they are all healthy!