ANNOUNCEMENT: We are continuing to see kids for routine well-child visits and on-going care. We are scheduling respiratory symptom visits and many follow-up visits via Telehealth to keep our clinic a respiratory symptom-free clinic. We are practicing strict sanitization, distancing and personal protective equipment guidelines.

For our Green Lake-area community, we are able to see your infant or child for their routine well-child visits if your pediatric clinic is unable to see your child for whatever reason (decrease staffing due to illness, high-load/delays in ability to provide care due to higher acute needs, distance from home). We participate in the state vaccination program and will offer routine vaccinations during these visits as indicated. We will happily fax records to your pediatric provider for your return to their care. Don’t skip your preventative wellness visits. Stay healthy!

Providers: Dr. Chenelle Roberts, Dr. Taylor Summers

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Newborn, pediatric and adolescent primary care is available at Docere Center with a licensed naturopathic physician. Our providers are trained in conventional diagnostics and treatment for common pediatric conditions. They provide routine well child visits including offering immunizations (with informed choice) as well as provide care for more on-going chronic concerns.

A unique aspect of choosing a naturopathic physician for pediatric care is their extensive knowledge and application of natural therapies. These natural therapies may include clinical nutrition, vitamin or mineral supplementation, homeopathy or botanical medicine. Although not their primary focus, medications are prescribed when necessary.

Naturopathic Pediatric Model of Care

Our Naturopathic Pediatric Model of Care is guided by both education and treatment of the whole family. This unique approach examines the family as a whole with the integration of how certain factors can affect the well-being of a child. Some of these factors may include preventative measures, diet and lifestyle counseling, and promotion of general wellness. Through family education and naturopathic treatment we are able to provide the best pediatric care for the specific needs of every child. Our goal is always to start with the gentlest treatment possible and to utilize prescription medications only when necessary.

Naturopathic Pediatric Experience

With the blend of naturopathic medical and midwifery education, the NDs at Docere Center have had extensive coursework and clinical experience in pediatrics and newborn care alike. As primary care family physicians, they are specifically trained in pediatric diagnosis and treatment, allowing them to provide care throughout the normal stages of childhood development. They are also trained in the diagnosis and treatment of many pediatric conditions from both a conventional and naturopathic perspective. Should a diagnosis or treatment require a medical specialist, a consultation or referral will be made.